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I Can Help You Write A Novel

It's finally time to write your book. If you've been dreaming of an easy path to follow for far too long - I've got you covered. Now is your time to make it a reality. Join my self-publishing Masterclass.


About the Masterclass

Tired of looking for an easier way to write and self-publish your book? The search is over, friend. My Signature Self-Publishing with Ness Masterclass will help you write your novel from start to finish in less than half the time of trying to do it yourself.


Made specifically for wanna-be authors, those sitting on the fence daydreaming. My course eliminates your feelings of overwhelm when it comes to knowing how to be a published author. You’ll walk away with solid strategies to help you confidently start writing, preparing your book for publishing, learning how to self-publish your books and my best marketing strategies to land you more book sales. 

Four Course Roadmap to Success

Write Your Book

Learn how to write your novel and overcome writer's block. Discover common misconceptions and debunk myths. Explore programs to help you and my proven strategies to help you start and finish your book.

Prepare Your Book

My secret editing tips on a shoestring budget. How to format the easy way. Pricing strategies to get you the most sales. Arc readers and why you need them. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Publish Your Book

Why you should be self-publishing your book over the traditional way. Where is the best place to publish and why. How to get your book published in all major online bookstores. My blueprint roadmap.

Market Your Book

How you can market your book to garner more sales on little to no budget. Where is the best place to market and why. Marketing ideas to get your book noticed so that you don't have to sweat the process but trust it.

What people are saying

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Ness has done several different projects for me over the years. Her work is professional, on time and is a pleasure to work with.

— Jodie M.

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Loved this book. An excellent story of survival, love, strength, and the dementia diagnosis of an amazing woman through her granddaughter's eyes. Keep your tissue close both for laughter and tears.

— Verified Amazon Reader

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Ness is extremely knowledgeable and personable and her expertise has certainly contributed to my production.

— Lisa M.

Why You Need It

It’s time to take the frustration out of writing, publishing and marketing your novel. This Masterclass is the painless guide to Self-Publishing – Buh bye, spinning wheels.


Hello to the leverage you need to finally publish your book! It’s easy to get lost on the internet and get caught up in current trends of what you should or shouldn’t be doing.


You need a crystal clear, hold-your-hand blueprint – and I’ve got just the thing.


My Self-Publishing Masterclass will walk you through step-by-step teaching how to write, prepare, publish and market your book. I’m giving you all my solid, tried and true strategies that you can implement in your writing journey immediately. You’ll confidently know what to write, how to format and edit your book, why you should be self-publishing and how to market your book to help you land more sales. You’ll have an incredibly easy-to-follow pathway to connect you directly with your eager readers.


Imagine how you’ll feel when you finally tell your family and friends you’re a published author on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble and more!

If you've tried doing it yourself with nothing to show for it - pull up a seat

My Self-Publishing Masterclass is blended explicitly with indie authors like you in mind:

Easy-to-Follow Worksheets

Lessons are delivered in small, manageable chunks, so picking up where you left off is easy.

Solid Approach

Curated with clear steps to eliminate the guesswork and help you quickly implement your learning.

Intentional Goals

Stop throwing stuff out to the universe and hoping it sticks. You'll start making intentional goals that lead to progress.

Solution Based Resources

Explore problematic areas you're facing and equip yourself with the tools needed to write, publish and market your book.

Why My Signature Course is Different

Create a Balance

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Easily create a balance between your busy life and following your dream.

All My Knowledge

I'm sharing all my self-publishing secrets I used to become a sixth-time published author and counting!

Self-Publishing VIP

Join other like-minded authors in my VIP Table Facebook Group. Continue your learning and ask questions when needed.

Imperfect Action

You're learning to take imperfect action that can lead to changes resulting in becoming a published author.


Ready to Write Your Novel?

Let's make it a reality! It's time to say goodbye to spinning your wheels and hello to becoming a published author.