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Digitally brewed for women: Stirring empowerment, creativity, and clarity, one sip at a time!

Your ultimate destination for self-help workbooks specifically brewed for women. Are you looking to cultivate a sense of gratitude and experience the transformative power a positive mindset can bring? It's time to unleash your true potential and achieve the happiness and success you deserve.

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Sip Your Way to 6 Figures

Are you ready to unlock the doors to a life filled with financial freedom and success? It's time to make your aspirations a reality. With Brew Your Financial Freedom: Beans to Brilliance," you're not just enrolling in a course; you're investing in your future. Imagine a life where financial worries are a thing of the past, you wake up every day excited to work on your terms, and your digital marketing skills are your ticket to a six-figure income.

Road to Self-Love

Unlock the incredible potential of self-love!

It all begins with a single step –

downloading your free self-love journal.

Start your transformative journey toward a happier,

more confident, and deeply fulfilled you.


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When I say you're doing something different, I mean it.

— Shawna

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Good Read, Good for the Soul, Good for the reflection of the Ego.

— A. Hudson

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Reading this was a journey I never knew I needed to take until I got there.

— Stephanie Storm

Confidence Masterclass

Ladies, it's time to unleash your inner bombshell and strut through life like the fabulous goddesses you are! 🌟 Welcome to the Women's Self-Confidence Course, where we'll have you feeling so fierce, even your shadow will stand up a little straighter!

Ignite Your Manifestation Mojo

A lifeline for those who yearn for a life brimming with joy, abundance, and personal growth but have felt trapped in the relentless cycle of unmanifested dreams. It's a beacon of light in the darkness, promising to turn wishes into tangible, emotionally fulfilling realities.

My Mission

I believe that every woman has an incredible strength within her. My mission is to provide the tools and resources to tap into this power, overcome challenges, and transform your life. My self-help workbooks are carefully curated to address personal growth, self-esteem, relationships, career development, and more.

Fuelled on caffeine, I've curated my guidebooks to give you the leverage you need in your personal and professional life. My digital products will help you get crystal clear in creating intentional adjustments so that you can overcome your mental roadblocks and carve a path of abundance.


Coffee with Ness allows me to fulfill my heartfelt passion for helping people. I am humbled to share my knowledge, practical experience and strategies. My absurd talent for breaking down overwhelming topics allows me to create digital guidebooks and training for those wishing to raise their vibe. I dare you to start living your life authentically and unapologetically, too!


Ready to say goodbye to struggling once and for all? Grab a seat at my table. We'll do it together. One topic. One Guidebook. One imperfect step at a time. 

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Grab your seat at the Perk Me Up Table and be the first to know about new releases, exclusive offers and giveaways. Your confidence and trust is of utmost importance. I promise not to spam.

Ness, Where the Heck Do I Start?

Caffeine & Confidence Workbooks

Embark on a transformational journey with workbooks tailored for women, igniting personal and professional growth.

Digital Sip & Soar Academy

Elevate your online learning game with my courses, perfectly brewed for ambitious women ready to brew their best selves.

Passive Income Powerhouse

Ready to boss up and claim your financial freedom? Dive into my master resell courses and kickstart your path to financial independence!

Crush It Zone Audit

Freebie Guidesheet to help you determine Your Crush It Zone.

Gain clarity on what you have to offer in your small business.

Empower Yourself

Self-help workbooks offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking personal growth and self-improvement. Here are some of the key advantages:

Self-paced Learning: Workbooks allow you to progress at your own pace, providing flexibility and freedom to explore the content per your schedule and preferences. This self-paced learning style lets you delve deep into the material and reflect on your experiences.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Workbooks allow you to engage in self-help activities in the privacy of your own space. They offer a safe and confidential environment for personal reflection and growth without the need to share personal experiences with others unless you choose to do so.

Empowerment and Ownership: By working through a self-help workbook, you take ownership of your growth journey. You actively engage in the process, making decisions, setting goals, and taking action towards the changes you wish to see in your life.


It's time to ditch the struggle. Start focusing on making intentional adjustments so that you can finally start living your desired lifestyle.


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Ness has done several different projects for me over the years. Her work is professional, on time and is a pleasure to work with.

— Jodie M.

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Ness knows her stuff! She is always available to assist with ANY tasks. Ness provides awesome leverage.

— H&H Team

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Ness is extremely knowledgeable, and personable and her expertise has certainly contributed to my production.

— Lisa M.

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Everything you never knew you needed...until now.

Looking to savour that first sip of coffee in the morning in a new mug? Need a new journal to document your growth? Or, maybe you’re looking for a new novelty item to give to your significant other for their birthday? Source my merch shop and grab a cuppa items. My Cuppa Merch Shop has you covered.

Percolating Rich Brew of Masterclasses

Money Made Easy

Meet your shortcut to learning how to manifest abundance to create the mindset and lifestyle you deserve. Overcome your negative mindset around money and learn how to attract your dream lifestyle.

Write A Novel

Tired of looking for an easier way to write and self-publish your book? The search is over, friend. Learn how to write your novel from start to finish in less than half the time of trying to do it yourself.

Heal Your Inner Child

Discover Emotional Healing and Empowerment. Dive deep into your past to heal, nurture, and empower your inner child, paving the way for a happier, more fulfilling future."

The Nightcap Percolated Blog

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Your Chief 'Self-Helpologist'
Hey there, fabulous friend! Welcome to Coffee with Ness, your go-to spot for a daily dose of sass, self-help, and a sprinkle of caffeine-fueled wisdom. I'm Ness, your virtual confidante, author, and the mastermind behind this steaming cup of ins...
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